Incense Burners

Incense Burners
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12" Leaf burner, aluminum antique gold finish

This nice size solid leaf incense burner, shines with it's black base and gold fleck gloss finish. A..


5' Temple Burner

This Temple burner has a hinge opening on the roof allowing you to set in one of your favorite cone ..


7" Jali brass burner

Jali brass burner, for burning your cones, granular or powder incense. 7"...


Ash Catcher

wooden ash catcher, with incense stick hole on end and a grooved center for ash catching, measuring ..


Bronze Lotus Incense Burner

Antique Bronze Lotus Incense burner, can be used with cones or granular incense. A mini lovely porta..


Curved Wooden Ash Catcher

An elegant, yet function orientated design in wood with one end slightly angled as a holder for burn..


Hamsa Tower incense holder

A hamsomly carved tower of a Hamsa Hand, front and center, that sits atop a vine, the vine also ador..


Lotus brass incense burner

Lotus flowers symbolizes mental purity and spiritual perfection. This burner is all metal and 4 piec..


Peace Wooden Ash Catcher

A wooden ash catcher suitable for all types of incense sticks. DO NOT use to burn cone incense. Wood..


Serenity Hand ash catcher / tealite holder

Popular symbol of serenity makes great symbolism for a tea light and incense burner. Rich metallic f..


Starry Screen Charcoal Burner

Made of wood and metal, this screen burner, decorated with a star-patterned screen. 3 1/2” x 1 1/2” ..