Stone Hearts

Stone Hearts
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1 3/4" Amethyst, Chevron heart

A stone heart cut from Chevron Amethyst and then tumbled and polished to a high gloss. Each heart is..


1 3/4" Angelite heart

1 3/4" Angelite heart. Angelite is the softest energy in the mineral world. Angelite is both blue an..


1 3/4" Carnelian heart

Carnelian heart. These stones were worn by High Priests and Priestesses. Often used to enhance passi..


1 3/4" Clear Quartz heart

Quartz crystal hearts are clear to translucent, each has its own combination of inclusions and densi..


1 3/4" Desert Sun Stone heart

Dessert Sunset Jasper, is believed to bring good fortune and stabilize one's own personal energy wit..


1 3/4" Fluorite heart

Fluorite can be many colors. These hearts are no exception. From Green to purple to grays or translu..


1 3/4" Labradorite heart

Labradorite heart is dark with simmering translucent color which makes this stone so loved. 1 3/4" A..


1 3/4" Tiger Eye heart

Tiger eye heart is swirls of browns, and reflective iridescent gold. Each heart has its own patterns..


30mm Shungite heart

Shungite is famous for its many attributes. This black heart can be used a pocket stone to help remo..