Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes
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46" Healing wind chime

This Healing wind chime displays the letters that spell "healing" . Watch each letter turn its own w..


48" Breathe wind chime

This Breathe Wind chime, displays the letters that spelll "Breathe" which twists and swivels from th..


Feng Shui wind chime

Hang this Feng Shui wind chime, indoor or outdoor, to prevent bad chi, having ying yang metals for b..


Long Pentagram wind chime 32"

A stunning 32" long wind chime made up of brass pentacles decorated with brass chains, beads and bel..


Om Chakra wind chime

A 23" windchime with 3 sets of beads, Om symbols and bells...


Pentagram, Triquetra, Solomon's Seal wind chime 5"

This elegant wind chime features a dangling Pentagram, Triquetra, and hexagram symbol sometimes know..


Stars and Moons wind chime

This long wind chime is a beautiful piece for the home or sacred space, offering the musical ringing..