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Tarot and Book Sets
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Alchemy 1977 England Tarot Deck by Tarocchi Metafisici

The Alchemy 1977 England Tarot is a darker tarot with a horror edge. Many of the scenes on the major..


Black Cats tarot by Maria Kurarai

This Rider-Waite-based tarot celebrates and honors the beautiful and magical black cats. Cleverly in..


Celtic Dragon tarot deck & Book by Conway & Hunt

Discover the wisdom of the dragons, and learn to tap into the deep currents of elemental energy with..


Complete Tarot Kit deck & book by Susan Levitt

“The Complete Tarot Kit includes everything needed for beginner to intermediate students. The book w..


Daemon Tarot kit by Ariana Osborne

This fiendishly forbidden book and tarot card deck draw upon Le Dictionnaire Infernal (Infernal Dict..


Easy Tarot deck & book by Ellershaw & Marchetti

Suit by suit, discover the meaning of the minor arcane, court cards, and major Arcana, and then lear..


Enchanted Oracle deck and book by Barbara Moore & Jessica Galbreth

Featuring the beautiful artwork of Jessica Galbreth and the writing of Barbara Moore, the Enchanted ..


Gilded Tarot (deck and book) by Marchetti & Moore

Illustrated with a brilliant array of classical imagery from occult and medieval lore, the Gilded Ta..


Gilded Tarot deck only by Marchetti & Moore

Enter the magical world of The Gilded Tarot, where you’ll discover answers to life’s greatest questi..


Golden Botticelli tarot deck by Atanas A Atanassov

A spectacular deck combining the archetypal Renaissance art of Botticelli with magnificent, metallic..


Golden Universal Tarot Deck by Roberto DeAngelis

Italian painter Roberto de Angelis lends a modern, more realistic approach to the classic Rider-Wait..


Law of Attraction tarot deck & book by Marina Roveda

Including a 78 card deck and a full-color companion guidebook, the Law of Attraction deck and book s..


Legacy of the Divine deck & book by Ciro Marche

Rich with its own story and symbolism, the Legacy of the Divine Tarot is a Rider-Waite-Smith based T..


Llewellyn tarot deck & book by Ferguson & Anna-Marie

Filled with Welsh legends and symbolism, the Llewellyn Tarot and companion guide is a powerful tool ..


Mystic Dreamer tarot (deck and book) by Heidi Darros

Discover the secret messages of dreams, intuition, and creativity with the Mystic Dreamer Tarot, whi..